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Balancing the 3 H’s in leadership -> have you got ‘Heart’ in your leadership?

Balancing the 3 H’s in leadership -> have you got ‘Heart’ in your leadership?

3 Hs triangleI’m a fervent believer that leadership competence comes from developing the right balance in the three realms of the Head (experience, knowledge and understanding), the Heart (values, beliefs, attitudes, self awareness and self management) and the Hands (behaviours and actions). It’s common for leaders to operate in the Head and Hands realms producing a ‘transactional’ (operational) style of leadership. It’s only with addition of Heart; when leaders emotionally connect with whom they are and with their people, that they become extraordinary, leading to transformation in cultures and organisations.

How do you know if your bringing Heart into your leadership?

As Ben Zander, the famous conductor and leadership speaker, says “you’ll know that doing it (emotionally connecting with your people) when you see that their eyes are shining.” He goes on to say, “and if they’re not shining, you get to ask the question – ‘who am i being that my people’s eye are not shining’.”


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