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Why training doesn't work and the change that you're looking for won't last - days ago
RT @Imported_Fun: At first dreams seem impossible... then improbable... then inevitable. week ago
How about this for instinct/intuition? When you just know..... #instincts #intuition #sixthsense week ago
RT @ZacGoldsmith: You’re unlikely to hear much about this because it’s not newsworthy. MPs are unlikely to be lobbied about it because it’…1 week ago
I'm struck by how corrosive judging people can be. The irony is those judging damage themselves with negativity. Im… week ago
INTUITION is a brilliant tool that we have at our disposal. Many a successful person tap into it. Here's my latest… weeks ago
RT @Imported_Fun: When your child is grown and struggling in life, what do you want them to hear? weeks ago
RT @wasimakramlive: He doesn’t hate his life Jenny.He hates that he has to battle such a big challenge at such a young age.Its a hard time…2 months ago


  • A man is heavily overweight so he goes on a diet and through sheer determination, will power and discipline he loses an incredible 4 stone. He has transformed how he looks and he’s asked “What have you done with your old clothes as they surely......

  • It’s seems to have been coming for some time. A time when businesses are more than just about making profit. A time when businesses exist to provide a service or product that enrich the lives of it’s customers, provide and care for its people (employees),......

  • I’m a fervent believer that leadership competence comes from developing the right balance in the three realms of the Head (experience, knowledge and understanding), the Heart (values, beliefs, attitudes, self awareness and self management) and the Hands (behaviours and actions). It’s common for leaders to......

  • There aren’t many people who like walking into a room full of people they don’t know and having to network.  Most of us feel nervous; for some it’s mildly uncomfortable whereas for others it’s excruciating and something to be avoided. The problem is avoidance can......