Aha! | Performance Coaching
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Performance Coaching

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”


Performance coaching is a personal development process that promotes self-learning and personal growth leading to fulfilment and success. Although coaching is usually conducted on a one on one basis between the coach and client, it is equally as effective in a team environment.

It is a structured process whereby clients create specific performance enhancing goals and work on them on a consistent basis completing them within the time decided upon in the first session.

The journey involves incredible personal transformations that not only helps clients’ to achieve the goals they decided upon but remains with them for the rest of their lives helping them to achieve many more goals and making their ambitions reality.

Coaching works because of the unique relationship between the coach and client. Unlike other relationships with people, the coach is 100% focused on the “agenda” of the client. The coach remains at “a helicopter’s view” keeping out of the detail, giving the clarity required to ask “effective questions” that illicit rich personal insights (those “aha” moments), allowing the client to break out of a “stuck state” and move forward.

The coach does not have all the answers. Rather, he works with clients to help them discover the answers that are deep down inside them. The coach challenges, supports, motivates, encourages, provides feedback and, only on rare occasions, advises.