Aha! | Dream Academy Stories
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Dream Academy Stories


A First…. The first Dream Academy Poem



How frustrated you made me feel
Professional life coach Alistair Hill
Backed into a corner and thinking what the hell!
Week one of coaching for me, didn’t go well


Lots of questions from you and not from me
Made me feel if I am honest completely giddy


Sorting my head mess is no easy task
Question after question for an hour you ask
Counselling, mentoring I have done it all
Feeling no better and hitting a wall


Who am I ? Where am I? What do I know?
Professional Life coach Al let’s give it ago.
Looking to the future you steered me away from my past
Learning to be a bit happier to maybe smile at last.


Actions are listed and goals are set.
Easy to follow and in very small steps
Nervous in the beginning and wanting to leave
Al and his softly spoken voice put me at ease
Looking to the future thanks to Al and his plan
What can I say but thank you, you really are an amazing man


The Dream Academy is a brilliant scheme
Short term goals for a lifelong dream
This would not work without Al’s dedication
Alistair Hill you truly are an inspiration.

Tracey Jordan