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You’ll find it hard to match the commitment, passion and natural proven ability available at Aha!

In almost all the problem areas in your life, you are the problem and you are the solution. Here is an introduction… days ago
If I wait until I'm perfect, I'll be waiting a long time2 weeks ago
Here is a video series to help you get out of your own way and be the best version of yourself.... weeks ago
The biggest obstacle to us becoming the best version of ourself, is us. Here are some videos on how to 'Get Out of… weeks ago
The Dream Academy has began at @InterfloraUK with a 'Live your dreams, change your life' workshop. So excited. weeks ago
RT @NeuroscienceNew: Life's Purpose Rests in Brain's Drive to Extract Meaning From the World Humanity’s purpose res…2 weeks ago
Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to achieve. Time will pass anyway1 month ago
"In almost all the problem areas in your life, you are the problem and you are the solution" John Kehoe1 month ago


  • It’s seems to have been coming for some time. A time when businesses are more than just about making profit. A time when businesses exist to provide a service or product that enrich the lives of it’s customers, provide and care for its people (employees),......

  • I’m a fervent believer that leadership competence comes from developing the right balance in the three realms of the Head (experience, knowledge and understanding), the Heart (values, beliefs, attitudes, self awareness and self management) and the Hands (behaviours and actions). It’s common for leaders to......

  • There aren’t many people who like walking into a room full of people they don’t know and having to network.  Most of us feel nervous; for some it’s mildly uncomfortable whereas for others it’s excruciating and something to be avoided. The problem is avoidance can......

  • Do you ever get tongue-tied and fluff your words in meetings? I’ve been working with a client recently who has had this issue and explained how she would stutter, stammer and mix up her words in important meetings.  Drained and fed up by this reoccurring......